Fox: ‘Pathetically Ignorant or Desperately Dishonest’?

Doling out “a little positive reinforcement” when Fox News “actually gets something right,” Mark Howard of News Corpse (6/18/09) agrees with Sean Hannity’s declaration of “the death of journalism”–though disagreeing with the context of Fox‘s pronouncement, being their assertion that a scheduled ABC News broadcast “that would delve into the pros and cons of the president’s policy” on healthcare amounts to “an infomercial for Obama’s plan. They assert that nothing like this has ever happened before”:

Once again, Fox News is either pathetically ignorant or desperately dishonest. (Yeah, I know. It’s both.) Last year Fox News broadcast a special from the Bush White House they called Fighting to the Finish. And there was also their highly promoted exclusive, Dick Cheney: No Retreat. These are just two blatant examples of hypocrisy by Fox. There are many more incidents of Fox serving as the PR agency for the Republican Party. But somehow, ABC having a town hall, where they assert that multiple views will be discussed, is an abomination that (finally) heralds the end of journalism.

In the end, Howard bemoans how “I guess that I should just be satisfied that they are acknowledging something close to reality at all. Even though they don’t grasp their own role in journalism’s demise.”