NPR Airs ‘All Important [Underwritten] Views’

Linking to a Felice Pace piece of June 14 that connects the near-absence of single-payer-focused NPR reportage to millions of dollars in underwriting the broadcaster has received from insurance industry heavies, NPR Check‘s Mytwords (6/17/09) includes his own comment left under Weekend Edition Saturday‘s “Health Care Reform From The Insurer’s Perspective” segment:

Congratulations NPR–as a “public” news station you have done a great service by providing a voice to the voiceless: the health insurance industry, which lacks the funds and connections to get its message out. After yesterday’s Republican slant on the public plan from [Mara] Liasson, [Julie] Rovner and [Steve] Inskeep–you showed a brave commitment to your mission statement [“‘Fair‘ means that we present all important views on a subject”] by giving yet more airtime to the insurance lobby this morning.

Mytwords then offers his view that “it’s time to tell your member stations to stop begging for support from the public (whose opinions don’t seem to amount to much on NPR),” advising them instead “to just plug into the money stream from the insurance industry that you are so loyal to.” Read the current edition of FAIR’s magazine Extra!: “Media Quarantine of Single-Payer Continues: Fifteen Years Later, Public Health Insurance Still Taboo” (6/09) by Julie Hollar & Isabel Macdonald.