For the WaPo, McNamara Is the Real Victim of the Vietnam War

The Washington Post‘s editorial (7/7/09) on the death of Vietnam-era Defense Secretary Robert McNamara managed to outdo even the New York Timesvictim-erasing obituary. The Times cited the number of invading troops killed by McNamara’s war of aggression while ignoring the vastly larger number of Indochinese deaths–but for the Post, neither the aggressors nor their victims are as important as the “agonizing” that the architect of the war went through. As the editorial concludes, “The true McNamara’s War, as it turned out, was longer than Vietnam, and was fought mostly within himself.”

It’s a given that the Washington Post empathizes and identifies with the denizens of official Washington. But it takes a real moral narcissism to suggest that the real tragedy of Vietnam is that “Mr. McNamara was never forgiven by many of his bitter enemies from the Vietnam days.”

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