Bias ‘Packaged as ”News” and Endlessly Discussed’

The Women’s Media Center has a new action (7/10/09) asking you to support “Media Justice for Sotomayor” against the fact that ,”since the announcement of [her] nomination to the Supreme Court, some in the media have engaged in sexist and racist attacks against her” which are “often packaged as ‘news’ and endlessly discussed in mainstream media outlets”:

The Women’s Media Center is releasing its new video, “Media Justice for Sotomayor.” It documents some of these racist and sexist comments already delivered on high-profile television programs, radio, print and online outlets.

As Judge Sotomayor’s confirmation hearings approach on July 13, the Women’s Media Center expects vigorous debate of Sotomayor’s qualifications and abilities. But we call on the media to refrain from allowing sexist and racist remarks to go unchecked….

Sign on to our WMC statement….

I join the Women’s Media Center in strongly opposing the use of sexist and racist attacks against Judge Sonia Sotomayor. The characterizations of her as an “affirmative action pick,” ‘Hispanic Chick lady,” “a brown woman,” “an angry woman” and “a school marm” shown in the WMC’s “Media Justice for Sotomayor” video are unacceptable….

Additionally, the WMC requests that, “if you see examples of sexism, racism or classism against Sotomayor in the media’s coverage of her confirmation hearings, please send them to us.” Also see the recent FAIR Media Advisory: “Misquoting Sotomayor: Media Let Right-Wing Critics Frame Debate” (6/2/09).