John Pilger’s ‘Historic Opportunity’ to Change Media

Independent investigative journalist John Pilger recently (7/6/09) gave Democracy Now!‘s Amy Goodman his view of the broad media landscape, informed by the fact that “we have many alternative sources of information now, not least of all your own program, though I wouldn’t call that alternative“:

But for most people, the primary source of their information is the mainstream. It is mainly television. Even the Internet, for all its subversiveness, is still a very large component of the mainstream. And that means we’re getting still this singular message about wars, about the economy, about all those things that touch our lives. All we are getting is what I would call a contrived silence, a censorship by omission. I think this is almost the principal issue of today, because without information, we cannot possibly begin to influence government. We cannot possibly begin to end the wars.

All of this, it seems to me, has come together in the presidency of Barack Obama, who is almost a creation of this media world. He promised some things, although most of them were more for us, and has delivered virtually the opposite. He started his own war in Pakistan. We see the events in Iran and Honduras as quite subtly, but very directly, influenced in the time-honored way by the Obama administration. And yet the Obama administration is still given this extraordinary benefit of the doubt by people, who in my view are influenced by the mainstream media.

Still, with all the non-corporate media available today, Pilger sees this as “a time when. I think, where either we are going to begin to understand how the media really works, or we’re going to let that opportunity pass.” For more views on what Pilger calls “almost a historic opportunity that we understand that the perception of our world is utterly distorted” by so-called “mainstream” news providers, listen to the latest FAIR radio show CounterSpin: “Jim Naureckas on the Future of Journalism” (7/10/09).