‘Freed’ Afhan Women Suffer ‘Rape, Pillage, Plunder’

The latest segment to be made available online (7/7/09) from Robert Greenwald’s Rethink Afghanistan documentary features the president of the Global Fund for Women Kavita Ramdas challenging U.S. media tropes about improved women’s conditions since the U.S. invasion: “The perception of the women of Afghanistan having been severely oppressed only under the regime of the Taliban, and then having been freed by the united States’ military intervention in 2001, is a false perception.”

The film continues:

Ann Jones, author Kabul in Winter: We got reports back that indeed that had been accomplished and the women had thrown off their burqas and gone back to school and gone back to work and things were wonderful for women. This is complete mythology. It didn’t happen.

Member of the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan [having to speak with her image blurred for her own protection]: Now the cases of violence against women are more than the Taliban time. There is 23 rape cases in two months in North Afghanistan. There is a lot of violence against women in West Afghanistan.

As Ramdas describes “rape, pillage, plunder, the abduction of young girls, the threatening of schoolteachers,” a November 2008 BBC report narrator vocalizes that which cannot be spoken in U.S. media: “Girls attacked with acid for daring to go to school. Despite initial gains, women’s rights, and even women themselves, are increasingly under attack.”

Llisten to the FAIR radio show CounterSpin: “Robert Greenwald on Rethink Afghanistan” (5/1/09).