‘Fawning Corporate Media’ as ‘Acrobatic Cheerleaders’

Under the succinct Consortium News subhed “Too Late the Leak” (7/24/09), former CIA analyst Ray McGovern revisits the Downing Street Minutes–which he says should

represent the kind of documentary evidence after which trial lawyers, intelligence analysts–and serious investigative journalists–lust.

Though the unauthorized disclosure did not come early enough to head off the war, which had started more than two years before the document surfaced, the unique disclosure could have thrown some harsh light on the war’s origins–if the Fawning Corporate Media in the United States did its job.

However, having been acrobatic cheerleaders for war on Iraq, the FCM did its level best to suppress this documentary evidence of the war’s fraudulent character.

McGovern recalls U.S. Representative John Conyers’ “temporary fit of courage” in scheduling a June 16, 2005 “hearing” on the documents “in the only space the Republican majority would make available–a basement room under the Capitol.” McGovern‘s description of the U.S. press response indicates as much about independent reporters’ value as it does about corporate media perniciousness:

On the morning before the hearing, Amy Goodman invited Conyers and me to be interviewed on Democracy Now!. Just before the interview, I had a chance to look at the editorial page of Pravda, er, I mean the Washington Post, for that morning, and guess what? The Post saw fit to mention the Downing Street Minutes, though dismissively so as not to tarnish the newspaperâ┚¬Ã¢”ž¢s glorious cheerleading for war.

Listen to the After Downing Street founder on FAIR’s radio show CounterSpin: “David Swanson on Healthcare Reform” (7/24/09).