LA Times Acknowledges Gaping Hole in Media’s Healthcare Debate

An LA Times column today cited FAIR’s petition demanding that the TV networks include single-payer in their coverage of the healthcare reform debate, acknowledging that there is a “gaping hole in much of the media coverage–caused by the failure to investigate practices around the rest of the world, particularly European-style, single-payer programs.”

The Times‘ James Rainey concluded his column, “TV Needs To Deepen Coverage of Healthcare Reform,” with a report on the delivery of FAIR’s petition at ABC–the network that disinvited Obama’s longtime physician Dr. David Scheiner, a single-payer advocate, from its June 24 “Prescription for America” program:

The liberal media watchdog group Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting and a group of progressive activists delivered a petition Tuesday to ABC News in New York (which recently excluded one of the activists from a forum on healthcare) to demand broader reporting, including an assessment of government-managed health systems.

I suspect some in the big media have tiptoed lightly on that turf for the same reason as the politicians. Better to appear ill-informed about the world of healthcare than to appear open to anything, you know, French.