Philly Honduras Coverage ‘Not Based in Facts’

Philadelphia Weekly intern and Prometheus Radio Project volunteer Alyssa Figueroa has produced an excellent document of local media activists taking on global news coverage in her video showing how “nearly 100 people marched to the Philadelphia Inquirer‘s office demanding the paper publish more factual pieces about the coup in Honduras.”

PW tells us (7/30/09) that

the marchers believed that the Inquirer‘s coverage of the coup has been dishonest and irresponsible, especially citing former Republican Sen. Rick Santorum‘s op-ed, which they thought to be not based in facts.

Participants marched from the Central Library to the Inquirer‘s office after attending an event at the library on community media and Latin America.

Adrienne Pine, an anthropologist and assistant professor at American University, was one of the eventâ┚¬Ã¢”ž¢s speakers. She spoke about how media coverage doesn’t supply its audience with the truth, and yet citizens continue to rise up and fight for accuracy.

Pine, who “has lived in Honduras for several years and has written a book and essays on the country, also mentioned that she had written an op-ed for the Inquirer and it was rejected without a reason.”

Listen to the FAIR radio show CounterSpin: “Greg Grandin on Honduras Coup” (7/3/09).