‘The Truth About Amsterdam’ – Not Found on Fox

Using the screenname “roberwter,” one resident of the Netherlands has posted (YouTube, 7/27/09) “a video response to a Fox News broadcast about my city, Amsterdam.”

The short piece starts with clips of Bill O’Reilly and guests claiming that the Dutch‘s “experimentation with social tolerance, free love, free drugs, clearly has backfired” and that “Amsterdam is a cesspool of corruption, crime, everything is out of control. It’s anarchy.” Then, all under the headline “The Truth About Amsterdam,” roberwter provides something Fox‘s talking heads rarely bring to viewers–simple facts:

Percentage of population that has ever used Cannabis
USA: 40.3 percent
Netherlands: 22.6 percent

Homicide rate per 100,000 inhabitants
USA: 5.6
Netherlands: 1.2

Drug-related deaths (e.g. overdose) per million inhabitants
USA 38.0
Netherlands: 2.4

These startling statistics are all backed by something even more rarely found on the Fox channel: verifiable sources–all clearly listed in the video’s final credits.

See the “Terror and Ecstasy” sidebar in this article from FAIR’s magazine Extra!: “The ‘Oh Really?’ Factor: Bill O’Reilly Spins Facts and Statistics (5â┚¬“6/02) by Peter Hart.