New Bill to Keep Internet Open, Discrimination-Free

Free Press’s newest release (7/31/09) touts some fresh congressional legislation that “Would Protect Net Neutrality Once and for All.” According to the media reform activists, the Internet Freedom Preservation Act of 2009 “would protect Network Neutrality under the Communications Act, safeguarding the future of the open Internet and protecting Internet users from discrimination online.”

Policy director Ben Scott explains how

the future of the Internet as we know it depends on maintaining freedom and openness online. This crucial legislation will help to ensure that the public–not big phone and cable companies–controls the fate of the Internet.

The rules that govern the Internet must protect economic innovation, democratic participation and free speech online. If we don’t make Net Neutrality the law once and for all, we could see the innovation and promise of the Internet derailed forever.

While warning that “an army of lobbyists has been unleashed by the phone and cable companies to kill Net Neutrality so they can become the Internet’s gatekeepers,” Scott maintains that “the momentum is shifting in the public’s favor,” with “popular support…growing every day”–as evidenced by the fact that “millions have already called on our lawmakers to take action.”