Women’s Mags Rife With Phony ‘Body Acceptance’

Editorial cartoonist Mikhaela Reid has a new drawing (Women In Media & News, 7/29/09) in reaction to the fact that

even Vogue has an annual “Shape” issue where they patronizingly allow someone as (*GASP*) huge as Beyonce or Kate Winslet on the cover in addition to their usual sub-zero model roundupâ┚¬Ã‚¦ then offer drastic dieting tipsâ┚¬Ã‚¦ all while mysteriously claiming to promote body acceptance.

With faux-enthusiasm, Reid implores you, “don’t miss the small print under the ‘LOVE YOUR BODY!’ headlines,” which feature “LOSE Belly fat, TIGHTEN thighs” in Essence, “Your Thinner, Taller, Just-Right Wardrobe” on the cover of InStyle and of course, Vogue‘s teaser for “Longer Legs, Leaner Lines.”

All of which is spoofed in Reid’s cartoon as “Celebrate Your Curves: by melting them away with our body-positive parsnip and waterboarding organic torture cleanse!” Her summary: “Any magazine with an annual ‘shape’ issue is as empowering as strawberry-scented douche!”