Snarky WaPo-er ‘Surprised by the Ferocity out There’

Howard Kurtz recently offered fellow Washington Post reporters Dana Milbank and Chris Cillizza a chance to apologize for having, in an online Post feature, “implied Hillary Clinton was a ‘bitch.'”

But American Prospect‘s Tapped blogger Adam Serwer (8/5/09) has a question regarding Milbank’s aside that “it’s a brutal world out there in the blogosphere…. I’m often surprised by the ferocity out there, but I probably shouldn’t be”:

What’s the sound of a million hands facepalming? No one who goes around using obscenities to describe other reporters and administration officials should be complaining about the “ferocity” of blogs–if Milbank is bothered by it, he might start by admitting his own complicity in creating that kind of discourse.

Serwer’s reiteration that “Milbank’s unique place in the journalism world entails him making fun of people for a living” yields a simple maxim: “If you can’t take it, don’t dish it.”