WaPo ‘Screw-You’ Video Follows ‘Mad Bitch’ Offense

Guest Women In Media & News blogger Adele M. Stan (8/5/09) has some more to say about the‘s “now-infamous ‘Mad Bitch’ video”:

Last Friday, Talking Points Memo‘s Brian Beutler shone a light on a video produced by the Washington Post that featured one of the two columnists hosting the piece suggesting that, at a future White House beer summit, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton be given a brew called “Mad Bitch.” Then all hell broke loose.

The Post apparently thought it could fix the problem by simply pulling the video. A note was posted above the hole where the video used to be, reading that the piece had been removed because it contained material that was “inappropriate” for the Post website. As if it had landed there from Mars. As if it hadn’t been written and produced in the Washington Post building by Washington Post staffers.

Then, yesterday, the two columnists, Chris Cillizza and Dana Milbank, had the effrontery to post what amounts to a “screw-you” response video to the criticism they had received from bloggers.

Stan reports that, in the fallout, “the series has been canceled,” but “Milbank remains pretty unrepentant, instead whining about the drubbing he took at the hands of blogosphere denizens.”

Even after receiving a critical letter signed by Stan, Jennifer Pozman, Katha Pollitt and many others, Post executive editor Marcus “Brauchli, for his part, did not exactly apologize,” and “it does not appear that there will be any disciplinary action.”