Dobbs Still Resisting ‘Nonpartisan Objective Reality’

Since “on his Wednesday radio show, [Lou] Dobbs as much as announced that CNN president Jon Klein” is forcing him into “focusing on a nonpartisan objective reality that it is our job to cover”–with Dobbs “admitting, ‘I resisted this idea initially'”–author and journalist Leslie Savan (, 8/12/09) has noticed some “kind of French” behavior from the usually “government-out-of-my-face bloviator,” in the form of “a month-long, nation-a-night series to ‘learn from other countries‘ healthcare plans'”:

But as Lou has proved again and again, he can’t help but resist. On radio the very next day, he slammed Obama for compiling “an enemies’ list” (not true), and harrumphed mightily: “I’m moving from being an independent, sir, to being absolutely opposed to your, any policy you could conceive of!” As if he hadn’t moved into outright opposition long ago.

So, as soon as Lou had completed all that extra homework–writing 100 times on the blackboard, “I will push opinion aside. I will push opinion aside”–he finally gets to bust out and mix it up with his guests. Only then do the familiar snide comments, appalled facial expressions, and twisted facts spill into a headlong attack on each and every aspect of Obama’s healthcare plan–even the aspects resembling those he had just more or less commended in Europe.

That is, Dobbs can read all sorts of fair and balanced words from a script, but he is willfully deaf to their meaning.

“Anything that doesn’t fit his worldview,” Savan says, “he doesn’t hear, it doesn’t compute, and he goes blank.”