From Lie to Official History, via ‘Simple Repetition’

Consortium News Robert Parry (8/13/09) is citing media-promoted “‘deathers‘ who claim that President Barack Obama’s healthcare plan would promote euthanasia,” along with how the U.S. “population was persuaded that Iraq was some lethal threat” and “fear-mongering about Iraq somehow sending small remote-controlled airplanes across the Atlantic” as strong arguments against “hopeful slogans that ‘the truth will out.'”

To Parry, “truth is a battle” and “the reality is that there are no automatic mechanisms for stopping lies and distortions”:

What I have seen during more than three decades in Washington is that many truths remain effectively hidden, even if technically they have been revealed. A rare moment of truth-telling can be easily overwhelmed by a steady barrage of falsehoods and an infusion of well-calibrated doubts.

Before long, it is the oft-repeated faux reality that is remembered. It becomes Washington’s conventional wisdom and then the official history. [See, for instance, Robert Parry’s Lost History.]

In the United States today, there is a massive infrastructure for spreading lies and distortions–a right-wing media machine that reaches from newspapers, magazines and books to cable TV, talk radio and the Internet.

By simple repetition, this machine can transform any crazy theory or bald-faced lie into something that many Americans believe.

Case in point is “when the right-wing media… pushed the lies about Iraq’s WMD and intimated that Iraq’s Saddam Hussein was connected to the 9/11 attacks.” See the FAIR magazine Extra!: “From Speculation to History: ‘Saddam’s Bluff’ Becomes Conventional Wisdom–With No Evidence Presented” (5-6/04) by Seth Ackerman.