‘Why Women Need to Be at the Freaking Table’

Women In Media & News has reposted Veronica Arreola’s (8/15/09) elucidation of exactly “why women need to be at the freaking table, in the newsroom and holding the editor’s red pen.” To her, “it’s just as simple as women see things differently. Not better, not worse, just differently”:

The latest example is the WaPo “Mouthpiece Theater” fiasco that ended with WaPo pulling the plug. Two men thought that calling the secretary of State a “bitch” was funny. Not only was it not funny, and not because the joke flopped, but it’s old and tired. Seriously, guys, can’t you come up with something new? So some of us angry feminists wrote a letter demanding an apology. And gosh darn it, it freaking worked! OK, we didn’t get two full apologies, but hey, no more crappy videos from WaPo–for now….

Of course, we can’t be sure that if a random woman at WaPo had screened the video beforehand, [she] would have said, “Dude–we can’t air that.” Why? Because some women, I used to be one of them, know that there is power in being “one of the guys.” You are constantly proving that you need to be where you are and you choose your battles. Is sticking up for Hillary Clinton worth it? Maybe? Maybe not.

“But,” Arreola maintains, “women have different perspectives on things. We know that. And as I said before, it’s different, not better, not worse.”