Healthcare Debate as Lobbyist’s Own ‘Business Interests’

According to Salon blogger Glenn Greenwald (8/18/09, ad-viewing required), pro-coup lobbyist and frequent news show guest Lanny Davis is merely “masquerading as a ‘political analyst’ and Democratic media pundit,” when really he “is unmoored from any discernible political beliefs other than: ‘I agree with whoever pays me.'”

Greenwald’s present example is a new Politico and the Hill commentary in which Davis warns of “The Dangerous Joining of the Far Right and Far Left” and declares it “time for the vast center-left and center-right of this country to speak up and call them out” because “silence is no longer acceptable by responsible liberals towards the reckless far left or by responsible conservatives towards the reckless far right. Silence is complicity.”

Greenwald breaks down this fraudulent balance, and Davis’ true motivations for positing it:

As for the monsters of the Right, Davis lists “the shouters shouting down other people who wish to speak at town meetings, whacko ‘birthers,’ and liars inventing ‘death panels’ and obscenely and recklessly mentioning Adolph Hitler and Nazi symbols to scare people.” And who are the equivalents on the Left? The people who do this:

on the far left–including the most vicious posters on the so-called liberal blogosphere, threatening businesses with one or more executives who offer personal ideas for achieving national health care reform different from the Administration’s or Democratic congressional leaders’ versions (full disclosure: I support all of President Obama’s core principles for national health care legislation, though I still have many unanswered questions); hateful e-mails, phone calls, blogs, and personal attacks, distorting alternative ideas different from the Administration’s approach and attacking the motives of those airing them.

Plainly, this whole rant has no purpose other than to argue that “the Left” is as bad as the screaming, gun-wielding right-wing townhall Limbaugh followers.

So surely it’s just coincidence that “some progressives, in the wake of [Whole Foods CEO John] Mackey’s anti-health-care-reform Op-Ed, organized a boycott of Whole Foods, Davis’ client.” Greenwald explains how “that’s all Davis means when he complains of ‘threatening businesses'”: “they’re harming the business interests of my paid client.”