The Fabulously Unsurprising Lies of Glenn Beck

Eva Paterson (Huffington Post, 8/28/09), president and founder of the Equal Justice Society, has a response to Glenn Beck’s assertion that “I want to point out the silence; no one has challenged these facts” after having been “smearing White House special advisor Van Jones for days on his show.”

Being “the person who first hired Van Jones,” Paterson finds herself “in a unique position to know the truth.” And falling squarely in the fabulously unsurprising category is that “the truth is: Beck is fabricating his facts”:

For instance: several times on his show, Beck has said or implied that Van went to prison for taking part in the Rodney King riots….

This is what really happened. On May 8, 1992, the week after the Rodney King disturbances, I sent a staff attorney and Van out to be legal monitors at a peaceful march in San Francisco. The local police…stopped the march and arrested hundreds of people–including all the legal monitors.

The matter was quickly sorted out; Van and my staff attorney were released within a few hours. All charges against them were dropped. Van was part of a successful class action lawsuit later; the City of San Francisco ultimately compensated him financially for his unjust arrest (a rare outcome).

So the unwarranted arrest at a peaceful march–for which the charges were dropped and for which Van was financially compensated–is the sole basis for the smear that he is some kind of dangerous criminal.

Paterson reminds you that “you don’t have to take my word for it,” since “arrests and convictions are all a matter of public record.” And of course, FAIR followers know all too well that “Beck is at best relying on Internet rumors or even inventing claims to boost his ratings.”

Read a recent article from FAIR’s magazine Extra!: “Glenn Beck Is No Howard Beale: He’s Mad Like a Fox, and Wants to Take Us In” (6/09) by Steve Rendall.