Glenn Beck: Some Rockefeller Was Some Form of Enemy

Mark Howard of News Corpse (9/3/09) has a look at a September 2 Fox Newssermon” in which Glenn Beck “has used his divine vision to reveal the evidence of Satan’s secret seeds” in the form of “paintings and sculptures and other works by historyâ┚¬Ã¢”ž¢s subversives–the artists!”

As Beck “associates the evil artists with their patron, Rockefeller,” Howard notes that, “unfortunately, he doesn’t specify which one. In fact, he jumps around to several of them without making any distinction”:

Beck begins his unveiling with a denouncement of a relief at the entrance to Rockefeller Center. The work shows two men on either side of the doors. Beck tells us that one is holding a hammer, and the other a sickle. Ergo communism! It’s right there in plain sight. Except that the first man is actually holding a shovel, according to the historians curating the Center’s artwork. The figures were meant to represent the strength of America’s industry and agriculture, which I’m sure Beck views as treasonous.

Then Beck focuses on a bas relief carving by Italian-American sculptor Attilio Piccirilli called Youth Leading Industry. Beck’s interpretation of this work centers on his theory that the artist, and thus the work, were avowedly fascist. Beck asserts that a strong male figure in the piece is Mussolini. Whether or not that’s true, and there is some debate, it is illustrative of Beck’s dementia that he can jump from warnings about progressives being communists to progressives being fascists without taking a breath.

“In the real world,” meanwhile, Howard explains the historical fact that “Mussolini was a bitter foe of Stalin and vice versa.” See the recent issue of FAIR’s magazine Extra!: “Glenn Beck Is No Howard Beale: He’s Mad Like a Fox, and Wants to Take Us In” (6/09) by Steve Rendall.