Debate, Washington Post Style

We’ve talked about these “Topic A” debates in the Washington Post before, and today’s installment is a doozy. The topic on the table is Obama’s media strategy. And, as before, the important people are on the political right,

Here are the right-wingers: Karl Rove, Dan Schnur(communications director of John McCain’s 2000 presidential campaign), Ed Rogers (White House staffer to Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush), Dana Perino (White House press secretary for George W. Bush), Linda Chavez(chair of the Center for Equal Opportunity, former member of the Reagan administration).

They’re matched by two Democrats: pollster DouglasSchoen and Clintonadviser Lanny Davis (who’s most recently been noteworthy for defending pro-coup forces in Honduras). Apparently the best media strategy comes from the right or the mushy middle.

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