Breaking ACORN News!!!

Living up to the ridiculous notion that every right-wing slam on ACORN demands coverage in the “liberal media,” the Washington Post (“Duo Release Another Video of Their Meeting With ACORN Worker,” 10/22/09) runs a storyon the latest from the right-wing activists whose undercover videos shot at local ACORN offices got all the attention in the first place.

So what’s the news? Well, apparently the duo appeared at the National Press Club to unveil a video of themselves at a Philadelphia ACORN office, where nothing much happened. The video they presented did not include any of the audio from ACORN workers–they removed those responses, allegedly for fear of being sued. And the pair refused to take questions from the press after their (sort of) press conference. Apparently the point of the whole exercise was to show that they spent 32 minutes at the office–and were thus not told to leave immediately. How, exactly, does this qualifyas news?

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