Fox’s Flawed Football Analogy

The White House’s beef with Fox News Channel continues, as do the right-wing cable channel’s bizarre attempts to defend their journalistic integrity. Take this example from today’s New York Times (10/22/09). Obviously the White House is most offended by the likes of Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck; this is unfair, according to Fox:

But Michael Clemente, senior vice president for news and editorial programming at Fox, said the White House was conflating the networkâ┚¬Ã¢”ž¢s commentary with its news coverage. That, Mr. Clemente said, “would be like Fox News blaming the White House senior staff for the Washington Redskins’ losing record.”

Last time I checked,there were no White House staffersmoonlighting in the Redskins’ front office. Beck and Hannity, on the other hand, actually work at Fox News Channel–and were putthere by Fox bosses. The analogy makes no sense, but then again it’s hard to imagine a better defense for Fox‘s behavior.

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