Politico’s Allen Warns Democrats Against GOP’s Winning Strategy

digby (1/19/10) spotted a telling moment on the Ed Show (MSNBC, 1/19/10), when host Ed Schultz asked Politico‘s Mike Allen “what’s the next move for progressives” if the Democrat lost in the Massachusetts Senate race. Allen’s response:

I would remind you that when Republicans started to eat each other up, we talked about how it wasn’t very smart. I think a lot of people will make that point about Democrats as well.

digby’s rejoinder:

OK. Eight or nine months ago, the villagers were all saying that the Republicans were eating at each other and that it wasn’t very smart. And the Republicans told them to go to hell, Fox News started the tea party movement and the right-wing media in general launched what seemed like a lunatic campaign to demonize Barack Obama as a socialist. All that seems to be working pretty well for them at the moment, so Allen’s admonishment doesn’t make a lot of sense.

In fact, the only lesson to be learned is to not listen to anything the village media say. Ever. The Republicans learned that a long time ago. The Democrats need to learn it too.

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