Maybe Anti-ACORN ‘Pimp’ Should Have Listened to His Friends

An interesting catch from Think Progress (1/26/10)–from an interview conducted last year by Fox News‘ Chris Wallace (9/27/09) with pretend pimp James O’Keefe:

WALLACE: O’Keefe says he wants to do more undercover films, and he has some targets in mind. He says his friends always tell him the next sting will never work.

O’KEEFE: I disagree with them. I think that I’ll come up with a new strategy and I’ll get them to say yes.

This was, of course, before O’Keefe and three of his friends were arrested while apparently trying to wiretap the phones of Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu.

Update: O’Keefe denies that he was trying to wiretap Landrieu’s phone. He and his companions were not charged under the wiretapping statute, but with “maliciously interfering with a telephone system operated and controlled by the U.S. government” (CBSNews.com, 1/29/10).

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