Kennedy: Media’s ‘Despicable’ Afghanistan Coverage

Yesterday (3/10/10) there was a Housefloor debate on Rep. Dennis Kucinich‘s push to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. Kucinich’s bill–which isbased onthe War Powers Act–was defeated, but it sparked hours of rare discussion of the White House’s war policy(in spite of the Washington Post‘s efforts tominimize the discussion as left-wing “venting”).

The most dramatic moment came when Rep. Patrick Kennedychastised the press corps for skipping out on the discussion: “There’s two press people in this gallery…. We’re talking about Eric Massa 24-7 on the TV, we’re talking about war and peace, $3 billion, 1,000 lives and no press? No press.”

He added: “The press of the United States is not covering the most significant issue of national importance and that’s the laying of lives down in the nation for the service of our country. It’s despicable, the national press corps right now.”

Watch the video:

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