Douthat: Green Zone Was Fictional, But Not in the Right Way

Offering a critique of the Iraq War drama Green Zone, New York Times columnist Ross Douthat (3/15/10) offers a “narrative of the Iraq invasion, properly told,” that ends with:

And you had Saddam Hussein himself, the dictator in his labyrinth, apparently convinced that pretending to have WMD was the best way to keep his grip on power.

The idea that Saddam Hussein fooled the U.S. into thinking he still had chemical and biological weapons is a very popular myth that has no real evidence behind it. (See Extra!, “Saddam’s ‘Bluff'” by Peter Hart, 1-2/04; “From Speculation to History” by Seth Ackerman, 5-6/04.) Needless to say, when you’re complaining that a fictional film isn’t factual enough, you want to make sure that your facts aren’t fictional.

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