Fox Reporters Worried About Their ‘Credibility’

The Washington Post‘s Howard Kurtz turns in a profile of Glenn Beck today (3/15/10)that includes a few interesting anecdotes.He reports that “Fox staffers note that veteran producer Gresham Striegel left the network after clashing with Beck and say the host has surrounded himself with loyalists” from his own radio company, and that “a vice president was assigned ‘to help keep an eye on that program’ and review its content in advance–a full-time job.”

Kurtz also notes that some Fox reporters aren’t crazy about what his new fame is doing to them:

Beck has become a constant topic of conversation among Fox journalists, some of whom say they believe he uses distorted or inflammatory rhetoric that undermines their credibility.

Yes, Beck is somehow undermining Fox‘s credibility in a way that that Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Geraldo Rivera and Brit Hume hadn’t managed to do yet.

Fox has always been conservative– it was founded on an explicitly political agenda, after all–albeit one that Fox anchors and personalities would occasionally try to argue was merely a myth cooked up by the liberal media.

So what these Fox reportersare really saying is that Beck’s presence on Fox makes it more difficult to fool people.

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