11 Out of 12 Pundits Agree: Obama Must Move to the Right

On his weekend NBC show, Chris Matthews regularly posts a question to 12 regular pundit/journalists–what he calls “The Matthews Meter.” This Sunday (3/14/10), the question was: “Should Obama Move to the Center Instead of the Left as a Reelection Strategy?”

Matthews explained it on the show:

Let’s go to the bottom line. We took it to The Matthews Meter, 12 of our regulars. What’s the smartest political route for Obama right now, play to the center or to the left? Well, no contest here. Eleven say play to the center; just one says go left.

That’s about asclear a statement of the political bias of the corporate press corps as you’re likely to see. The advice for Democrats is always the same–move to the right.

The discussion ofwhy this would bea good strategy was about as convincing as the advice itself; onehighlight was Matthews asking of Obama: “Do you think he’s as good at faking it as Bill Clinton was? Can he pretend to be a centrist?”

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