Newsweek Not Sure If Remote-Control Assassinations Are ‘Awful’ or ‘Awesome’

Newsweek has a regular feature called “The Index” where the magazine picks out three current news events and maps them a 100-point scale, from Awful (1) to Awesome (100). The latest installment in the March 29 issue (which is not online) goes like this:

AWESOME (80): Dennis Kucinich, who has voted against a slew of Democratic initiatives (from the left), pledges to reverse himself on health care after previously voting no.

OK–a left-wing Democrat plays nice with the party and flip-flops on a key issue. Not hard to see why corporate media would think that’s awesome. Next:

AWFUL (16): Oh, Rielle. For a while there, before your creepy photo spread in GQ, you were playing the part of the quiet mistress quite well.

Rielle Hunter–the mother of John Edwards’ child–took some tawdry photos.

And, then, right in the middle, with a score of 52:

Intensified use of drone-fired missiles is wiping out militants in Pakistan. But can we see the legal memos justifying “targeted assassinations”?

Using remote-control weaponry to kill people in an undeclared war in another country, possibly in violation of international law, and certainly killing innocent civilians in the process…. Yes, it is hard to take a position on that.

Numerically speaking, the 52 score is slightly closer to the “awesome” Kucinich decision than to the “awful” photo shoot.

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