Howard Kurtz and Tea Party Coverage: Too Much Is Not Enough

From his Web column today (4/16/10):

After initially dismissing the tea types as an unimportant sideshow, the media are drinking deeply from that particular cup, especially with today being Tax Day and all.

If by “dismissing” Kurtz means “featuring on the network evening newscasts,” he might have a point–since that’s how last year’s Tea Party Tax Day protests were actuallycovered.

But Kurtz has always had weird ideas about how much coverage the Tea Party events should receive. A year ago he criticized several newspapers for not devoting enough coverage to the protests–though the actual protests, uhh, hadn’t happened yet: “The Washington Post has done zip until today, with a story on two planned D.C. parties on Page B-4…. The Los Angeles Times did a 500-word piece on a small protest in Hermosa Beach and has a media piece today.”

Update: Amy Gardner and Michael Ruane have a news report in the Washington Post today (4/16/10) on the Tea Party protests that would seem to meet even Howard Kurtz’s standard for boosterism, particularly with this passage:

The showing, while smaller than the crowds that gathered in Washington on Sept. 12, made clear that the ire and energy that have defined the tea party movement since it became a force last summer have not abated.

Funny, you would think that smaller crowds would be a sign that the “ire and energy” of the Tea Party movement have abated. Isn’t that what “abated” means?

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