Citizens Revolting… Over the Deficit?

The Washington Post has a story today (5/19/10)that leads with this:

With voters up in arms over the mounting federal debt, congressional Democrats are growing increasingly queasy about adding to the nation’s tab,with some arguing that additional spending to prop up the economy and help the unemployed should be paid for or abandoned.

The headline–“Democrats Queasy About Deficit Spending”–seems true enough, in the sense that reporter Lori Montgomery quotes some Democrats saying as much. But are voters really “up in arms” over the debt? That’s not borne out by polls of voters’ concerns. If you check the recent surveys at Polling Report, the debt/deficit ranks well behind jobs and the economy when people are asked to rank the top problem facing the country. The spread is 49-5 percent from CBS/NYTimes, 47-15 from Fox and 35-20 from NBC/WSJ.

Some of the spending that apparently makes some Democrats “queasy” is focused, as the Post acknowledges, on jobs.It wouldbe avery different article if it pointed out thatdealing with this problems is thevoters’ chief concern.

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