Iran’s Nuclear Weapons, Again

Last October we noted (“Iraq All Over Again?,” Media Advisory, 10/7/09) that reporters and corporate pundits were often treating allegations about Iran’s nuclear weapons ambitions as if they were facts. There have been no verifiable discoveries of an Iranian nuclear weapons program; the main question thus far concerns uranium enrichment, some of which could hypothetically be used in a weapon.

Yesterday was a good day to recall this history, as a Washington Post editorial (6/13/10) referred matter-of-factly to “ending the threat posed by Iran’s support for terrorism and pursuit of nuclear weapons.” And NBC‘s Meet the Press host David Gregory referenced “Iran’s dangerous drive toward nuclear weapons.” Gregory actually appeared in the October FAIR advisory, wondering if negotiations could “push that country to give up its nuclear weapons program.”

It’s worth recalling that Gregory not too long rebuffed the idea that Meet the Press needed any outside factchecking.

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