L.A. Times on the Afghanistan ‘Debate’

Today’s Los Angeles Times (6/16/10)has thisheadline:

Debate Grows Over Afghanistan Withdrawal Plan

The lead:

Recent setbacks in Afghanistan have intensified debate over the wisdom of the Obama administration’s plan to begin withdrawing U.S. military forces next summer and highlighted reservations among military commanders over a rigid timeline.

Debating the war– let’s have at it. Onone side are U.S. military officials, who are portrayed as having “reservations” about a withdrawal timeline. On the other side: Sen. John McCain, who… well,has serious reservations aboutwithdrawal timelines.

Not part of this debate: the 53 percent of the U.S. public (ABC/Washington Post, 6/3-6/10) who say the Afghan War wasn’t worth fighting.

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