WikiLeaks on Sunday State TV

The Afghanistan documents posted by WikiLeaks were obviously the big story of the week. So how did the network Sunday shows react to these disclosures, which have the potential to open up a real debate about the Afghan War?

NBC‘s Meet the Press interviewed chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mike Mullen.

ABC‘s This Week featured an interview with Defense Secretary Robert Gates.

On CBS, Face The Nation had Mike Mullen.

What would state broadcasting look like again?

CBS also had an interview with Richard Haass of the Council on Foreign Relations (formerly of the Bush administration), who urged the U.S. to wage a more traditional counterterrorism war, “where we use drones, we use cruise missiles. We use covert operatives, we use Special Forces.”

That would seem to be the kind of criticism of the Afghanistan War that is allowable.

It’s worth noting that the new PBS program Need to Know discussed WikiLeaks on Friday. As co-host Alison Stewart put it at the top of the show: “Much ado about nothing or putting lives at risk? The effects of the WikiLeaks on the war in Afghanistan.”

Those are the only choices? Need to Knows‘ guest was Joshua Foust, a blogger/writer who is a critic of WikiLeaks and is generally skeptical that there’s much of value in the leaked reports.

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