Missing From L.A. Times’ ‘Debate Over Democratic Process’: More Than One Viewpoint

The Los Angeles Times reports today (8/13/10) that the “moral argument” over California’s Proposition 8, which banned gay marriages, “has morphed into a debate over the democratic process and the propriety of judges overturning laws approved by voters.”

It’s strange, then, that an article on this “debate” would feature only viewpoints from one side: the side that says, “The people voted on it and it should be left alone.” All five of the sources quoted by reporter Mike Anton took this position. (There was also a two-word quotation from Judge Vaughan Walker’s ruling: “moral disapproval.”)

Anton does note that “tension between ‘majority rule’ and a Constitution designed to protect the rights of individuals against the majority” is “one of the oldest conflicts in the nation.” Given that, wouldn’t it make sense to find someone to take issue with his sources’ assertions that “in a democracy, the people decide”?

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