Back When the ‘Ground Zero Mosque’ Was a Good Idea

The “Ground Zero Mosque” story is unlikely to go away anytime soon.Republican politicians apparently believe it to be an issue that works in their favor, and the media are doing little to challenge the bogus storyline in the first place.

Over at, Justin Elliot hasa useful timeline that shows how little controversy the Park51 development attracted early on– even on Fox News Channel:

Dec. 21, 2009: Conservative media personality Laura Ingraham interviews Abdul Rauf’s wife, Daisy Khan, while guest-hosting the O’Reilly Factor on Fox. In hindsight, the segment is remarkable for its cordiality. “I can’t find many people who really have a problem with it,” Ingraham says of the Cordoba project, adding at the end of the interview, “I like what you’re trying to do.”

For the record, Ingraham’s current position is that the Park51 development is a sign that the “terrorists have won.”

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