Help Us, John McCain–You’re David Broder’s Only Hope!

Some in the media just can’t let go of John McCain. David Broder’s column today is really headlined, “John McCain, Your Country Is Calling.”

He explains that he wasn’t “bothered by the doctrinal compromises the senator made to convince Arizona voters that he was, in fact, a conservative. McCain has always been a realist, doing what was necessary to survive a North Vietnamese prison camp or a tough political trap.”

So a senator willing to do whatever it takes to get elected is apparently a badly needed voice of conscience in Washington. OK.

McCain’s role, according to Broder, should be something like this:

One obvious area where he will be needed is his favorite field, national security. Iraq, where he was prescient and persistent, still poses challenges, and Afghanistan, where Obama badly needs a Republican partner, is likely to be in crisis before it can be called a success. Behind them looms Iran, which could be this nation’s next big test.

Wait–John McCain opposed the Iraq War? No, he supported every effort to escalate the war. Apparently that counts as being “prescient.”

Obama “badly needs a Republican partner” on Afghanistan? Last time I checked, there weren’t many Republicans opposing his policies; in fact, many have argued that Obama needs to drop any mention of a withdrawal timeline (which is McCain’s view). So presumably what Obama–and, also, the country–needs is another voice calling for a longer war.

As for Iran, I’m not sure what McCain’s expertise is supposed to be.That “Bomb Iran“song from the 2008 campaign?

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