NYT: Public Doesn’t Care About the Deficit After All

The New York Times (9/16/10) points out in a write-up of its new poll :

The economy and jobs are increasingly and overwhelmingly cited by Americans as the most important problems facing the country, while the deficit barely registers as a topic of concern when survey respondents were asked to volunteer their worries.

Huh. The New York Times has spent a lot of time telling readers that the public cared very deeply about this, as FAIR noted in a June 24Action Alert, which asked the paper to provide evidence for assertions like Times reporter Matt Bai’s suggestion (6/17/10) that “the federal deficit has emerged as a chief concern for voters,” or for the Times report (6/18/10) that the Senate’s failure to pass a spending bill was evidence that lawmakers, “reacting to rising public concern, have grown reluctant to vote for measures that add to federal red ink.”

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