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We’re really proud of the FAIR Blog; it’s the easiest, fastest way for us to post short, sharp critiques of the corporate media. And it’s a place where our readers can chip in, too–to point us to new information, or to tell usthey think we’re completely missing the point.

The blog, like everything else FAIR does, isn’t supported by corporate advertising. It’s up to our readers and supporters to keep it going. Right now FAIR is in the midst of a fall fundraiser to make sure we can keep doing what we do as wehead into our 25th year.

For a $60 donation, we’ll send you a DVD of the fantastic documentary The Most Dangerous Man in America, which documents Daniel Ellsberg’s heroic leaking of the Pentagon Papers. And we’ll also send you The Bomb, a short, powerful book from historian Howard Zinn, which he finished shortly before he passed away early this year.

Of course, any and every donation counts. Make yours today.

About Peter Hart

Activism Director and and Co-producer of CounterSpinPeter Hart is the activism director at FAIR. He writes for FAIR's magazine Extra! and is also a co-host and producer of FAIR's syndicated radio show CounterSpin. He is the author of The Oh Really? Factor: Unspinning Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly (Seven Stories Press, 2003). Hart has been interviewed by a number of media outlets, including NBC Nightly News, Fox News Channel's O'Reilly Factor, the Los Angeles Times, Newsday and the Associated Press. He has also appeared on Showtime and in the movie Outfoxed. Follow Peter on Twitter at @peterfhart.