Does Anyone Object to U.S. Drone Wars in Pakistan?

Apparently not, judging by theWashington Post‘s October 3 story (“Military Drones Aid CIA’s mission”) about the CIA’s expansion of its drone war in Pakistan.It is “part of a high-stakes attempt by the Obama administration to deal decisive blows to Taliban insurgents,” and also “a significant evolution of an already controversial targeted killing program.”

Post readersget details from “a U.S. official”–who says things like, “Our intelligence has gotten a lot better.” The only other perspective comes from Bruce Reidel at Brookings, who is “a former CIA analyst who led the Obama administration’s initial overhaul of its Afghanistan/Pakistan strategy.” In other words, not much of a critic.

There are obviously fundamental questions about this policy–such as whether it’s legal, something Jim Lobe wrote about recentlyforInter Press Service (4/2/10).

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