Bush Is Back–And So Is Softball Journalism

Over athis Nation Media Fix blog (a must-read), Greg Mitchell watched Matt Lauer’s NBC interview with George W. Bush, and wasn’t impressed. He writes:

Time after time Bush would offer a whopper and Lauer either said nothing, or expressed sympathy for the poor man who was subjected to such harsh criticism. It went that way, from Bush saying there was “no intelligence” prior to 9/11 about terrorists maybe wanting to fly planes into buildings to stating flatly that lack of regulations had anything to do with the financial meltdown.

Bush said he had zero doubts about the WMD intelligence on Iraq, not one–and Lauer eagerly pointed out (doing his Judy Miller impersonation) that George Tenet called it a “slam dunk.” Bush said posing in front of the window when flying over New Orleans was a mistake but Lauer pointed to local officials who had not done enough.

I was thinking the same thing reading USA Today‘s Bush piece this morning, where we learn this:

He smiles and laughs readily. He calls a photographer he’s just met “darlin’.” He’s not in a hurry to end the interview and there’s no hint of annoyance, even when he’s asked how he copes with the ridicule that hasn’t abated much since he left office.

Bushdoesn’t get annoyed when he’saskedabouthow he “copes” with all the”ridicule.”Well that’s a relief.

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