Douthat’s Tales of the Shocking Parallel Universe Pelosi Calls Home

The New York TimesRoss Douthat (11/15/10) warns us about the nightmare world that “Nancy Pelosi and her compatriots” live in:

It’s a world where the Social Security retirement age never budges, no matter how high average life expectancy climbs.

Shudder! Luckily, Pelosi and co.’s world seems to have diverged from ours around 2003, when the normal retirement age budged up two months, further budging by the same amount until 2008, when it reached 66 years. It’s currently scheduled to begin budging again in 2021, until it budges up to 67 in 2026.

In sharp contrast to Pelosi’s horrifying dystopia, where such budges are considered unthinkable, in our universe they are so routine that even some people who write about politics for a living seem completely unaware of them.

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