Obama’s Best Week Ever?

On yesterday’s Chris Matthews show on NBC, the assembled journalists all seem to agree that Barack Obama’s decision to cut a tax deal with Republicans and come out swinging against the left was great news. Time‘s Mike Duffy: “These liberals may scream, but they’ve been screaming about Barack Obama since the beginning. This isn’t anything new.”

Chris Matthews and NBC‘s Andrea Mitchell went back and forth about whether this was an actual “Sister Souljah moment” or a “mini moment.” But Helene Cooper of the New York Times summed up the conventional wisdom best:

I think President Obama just had a really good week. If you just look at the trajectory of how this week started, on Monday and Tuesday everybody is writing, everybody’s talking about he caved in to Republicans. By Wednesday he’s out there, he’s gone and done this press conference and he’s looking very much as if he’s standing up to his own party. He’s moved towards the independents. He’s being, you know, he’s very much appealing to the independents that he’s going to need in 2012. And now he sees he–we’re writing about him standing up to Democrats. And for him that’s exactly the place that he wants to be right now at this stage in his presidency.

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