Kathleen Parker’s Tax Cut Nonsense

In a column (12/19/10) devoted to attacking others for “the intentional manipulations of language to obscure truth,” Washington Post columnist and CNN host Kathleen Parker spends most of her time targeting Democrats over the tax cut debate:

Democrats are equally guilty of obfuscation through language distortion. How many times throughout the tax bill debate have you heard some variation of the following? Giving tax breaks to the rich will add to the deficit.

Pardon? How does money in someone’s own pocket add to another’s debt? This sort of logic is possible, of course, only under confiscatory rules of wealth redistribution.

In case that wasn’t clear enough, Parker comes up with an analogy where “Joe” (the federal government) is in debt and pressuring “Mary” (a wealthy person) to loan him some money. Mary knows he’s just going to waste it. Of course, you can turn this analogy around pretty easily–as when Joe loaned several Wall Street giants money because, we were told, they would crumble without Joe’s “loan.” Or you could point out that Joe gave Mary a huge break on the money she owed for the past decade, and now Joe needs Mary to start paying what she used to pay.

Parker’s argument doesn’t make any sense, but her point is clear enough: Taxation is just “wealth redistribution” and Democratic rhetoric “stokes class warfare and demonizes the doers who create jobs for others.” The irony is that she is declaring that anyone who points out an obvious fact–that tax cuts diminish government revenue, which makes the deficit and debt larger than they would otherwise be–is engaged in some kind of dishonest trickery.

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