Krauthammer’s Allergy to Democracy

Displaying the same allergy to actual democracy shown by Joe Klein (FAIR Blog, 2/3/11), Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer (2/4/11) calls, like Klein, for a military regime in Egypt to impose a “period of stability” for “guiding the country to free elections”–the kind of “free elections” in which the military will “guarantee” that the right people “prevail.”

The breathtaking hypocrisy of Krauthammer’s column–which begins “Who doesn’t love a democratic revolution?”–is on view in this passage:

Our paramount moral and strategic interest in Egypt is real democracy in which power does not devolve to those who believe in one man, one vote, one time. That would be Egypt’s fate should the Muslim Brotherhood prevail. That was the fate of Gaza, now under the brutal thumb of Hamas.

Aside from the fact that Krauthammer is borrowing a phrase from apologists for apartheid South Africa (e.g., Thomas Sowell, Chicago Tribune, 8/17/85), he really ought to be aware (thanks to the “Palestine Papers” leaked via Al-Jazeera) that the United States has demanded that Palestine not hold elections–threatening to cut off all aid if they did so (Guardian, 1/24/11).

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