ABC’s Lopsided Debate on Deficits and Austerity

This is how ABC This Week host Christiane Amanpourintroduced the roundtable pundit line-up on Sunday’s show:

With pitched battles going on right now here in Washington and in statehouses from Florida to Wisconsin to California, with me now, our roundtable: George Will, Congressman Steve Southerland, a Republican freshman from Florida– he was elected to public office for the very first time last November and sent here to Washington on a mission to cut spending. Also with us, ABC senior political correspondent Jonathan Karl and political strategist Donna Brazile, who calls herself a labor Democrat.

So the right wing Will, a right wing Congressman, an ABC journalist who came to Beltway journalism after participating in a right-wing journalism training institute… and from the left, Donna Brazile.

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