Haitian Candidate’s ‘Roguish’ Threat to Kill Aristide

Here is Michel Martelly, one of the two conservative candidates vying to be next president of Haiti, courtesy of Kim Ives in an Institute for Public Accuracy release:

In the years following Aristide’s restoration to power in 1994, Martelly became obsessed with hatred for the man. In a video from not too long ago, which can be seen on YouTube, the candidate threatens a patron in a bar where he has performed. “All those shits were Aristide’s faggots,” he says. “I would kill Aristide to stick a dick up your ass.”… [Video]

The New York Times has a profile today (3/18/11) of Martelly which alludes to this video–while omitting the worst part. The piece is headlined “A Roguish Candidate Taps Haitians’ Discontent.”The Times‘ take on the video is thatMartelly “describes a sex act he would perform on a former president whose politics he disliked.” The piece goes on to refer to Martelly’s opinion of Aristide as”the popular former priest and two-time president he so obscenely dismissed.”

He said he wanted to kill him–that’s more than an obscene dismissal.

In another Times piece on Haiti, the paper calls Aristide a “former firebrand priest beloved by the poor but dismissed by others as corrupt,” before drawing this equivalence:

He will be the second polarizing figure in Haitian politics to return in recent months: Jean-Claude Duvalier, the former dictator known as Baby Doc, suddenly returned from exile in January and is living quietly here while courts iron out pending human rights and corruption charges related to his government.

As we pointed out before, comparing Aristide’s human-rights record to Duvalier’s bloody reign is obscene.

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