USA Today ‘Debates’ Nuclear Power

USA Today has a regular left-right feature between hard-right pundit Cal Thomas and TV “liberal” Bob Beckel. Today’s topic? Nuclear power. And the verdict? Well, the headline tells you all you need to know.

Knee-Jerks and Nukes

Cal and Bob agree that despite the chorus of hand-wringers, it would be foolish to give up on nuclear power plants in the wake of Japan’s tragedy

To give you a sense of the seriousness of the discussion, here’s Beckel criticizing Joe Lieberman:

Bob: I grew up in his home state near one of the country’s oldest nuclear power plants (the Connecticut Yankee plant), and in all its years of operation–like virtually every other nuclear plant in the world–not a single life-threatening event has occurred.

Cal: And you told me you used to swim in the warm water generated by that plant. No wonder you became a liberal!

I had heard Cal Thomas was funny, but not that funny.

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