Henry Kissinger’s Big Ideas

From Meet the Press (3/27/11):

GREGORY: I’ll start with you, Ted Koppel. You spent time, in your early days as a correspondent, with Henry Kissinger.

KOPPEL: I did.

GREGORY: Who knew something about the big ideas for the world. Is this administration getting the big ideas right in the–in the tumult of the Middle East?

Who knows what those “big ideas” might be. But if you want to make Ted Koppel feel comfortable, it’s good to praise Henry Kissinger– as we noted recently:

Koppel once boasted of Kissinger: “Henry Kissinger is, plain and simply, the best secretary of state we have had in 20, maybe 30 years…. I’m proud to be a friend of Henry Kissinger. He is an extraordinary man. This country has lost a lot by not having him in a position of influence and authority.”

For another view of the value of Kissinger and his “big ideas,” see my article from Extra! Update: “Questions for Kissinger Go Unasked: Journalists Show ‘Sensitivity’ to War-Crime Suspect’s Feelings” (8/01).

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